Oncology Research and Development Postdoctoral Program

Marc Damelin, Ph.D.
Associate Director


Undergraduate: B.S Physics, Yale University
Graduate: Ph.D. Biophysics, Harvard University
Postdoctoral training: Columbia University Medical Center (Fellowship from the Damon-Runyon Cancer Research Foundation)

Research Interests:

How can we develop anti-cancer therapeutics that have more effective, longer-term impact in the clinic?  The cancer stem cell (tumor-initiating cell) model provides a useful framework for answering this question and is a primary focus of research in our laboratory.

Selected Publications

O'Brien SK, Chen L, Zhong W, Armellino D, Yu J, Loreth C, Follettie M, Damelin MBreast cancer cells respond differentially to modulation of TGF-β2 signaling after exposure to chemotherapy or hypoxia. Cancer Res, pii: canres.0650.2015. (2015).

Damelin M, Bankovich A, Park A, et al. Anti-EFNA4 Calicheamicin Conjugates Effectively Target Triple-Negative Breast and Ovarian Tumor-Initiating Cells to Result in Sustained Tumor Regressions. Clin Cancer Res (2015).

Damelin M, Geles KG, Follettie MT, et al.  Delineation of a cellular hierarchy in lung cancer reveals an oncofetal antigen expressed on tumor-initiating cells. Cancer Research 71, 4236-4246 (2011).

Zhou BB , Zhang H, Damelin M, et al. Tumor-initiating cells: challenges and opportunities for anticancer drug discovery. Nature Reviews Drug Discovery 8, 806-823 (2009).