Oncology Research and Development Postdoctoral Program

Max Follettie, Ph.D.
Senior Director


Undergraduate: B.S. Chemistry, University of California, San Diego
Graduate: Ph.D. BioChemical Engineering, MIT
Postdoctoral Training: Department of Biology, MIT

Research Interests:

My lab’s research goal is to identify and validate novel oncology therapeutic targets for both small molecule and antibody based therapeutics. The research combines transcriptional profiling, in vitro and in vivo shRNA dropout screening, phage display in collaboration with proteomic analysis to identify candidate targets. Our primary biological focus is on characterizing highly tumorigenic cells (TICs) derived from patient-derived primary tumor models by flow cytometry in addition to elucidating mechanisms of chemotherapy resistance to identify targets for next-generation oncology therapeutics.

Selected Publications

Damelin M, Geles KG, Follettie MT, et al. Delineation of a cellular hierarchy in lung cancer reveals an oncofetal antigen expressed on tumor-initiating cells. Cancer Res, 71, 4236-4246 (2011).

Hebbard L, Cecena G, Golas J, et al.  Control of mammary tumor differentiation by SKI-606 (bosutinib)Oncogene, 30, 301-12 (2011).

Shor B, Wu J, Shakey Q, Toral-Barza L, Shi C, Follettie M, Yu K. Requirement of the mTOR kinase for the regulation of Maf1 phosphorylation and control of RNA polymerase III-dependent transcription in cancer cells. J Biol Chem, 285, 15380-92 (2010).

Zhang Y, Gavriil M, Lucas J, et al. IkappaBalpha kinase inhibitor IKI-1 conferred tumor necrosis factor alpha sensitivity to pancreatic cancer cells and a xenograft tumor modelCancer Res, 68, 9519-24 (2008).